Category: Roof Tents
Manufacturer: BackTrax
Price: $ 6,595.00

The top of the line Ascent Pro features automatic, remote controlled opening and closing. A lithium battery will power up the tent and charge laptops and other hand-held devices. There is a large double bed , high-density dual layer enviro-foam mattress and mosquito & midge mesh windows. Other features include:

  • 18 amp lithium battery: with power points to charge your smart phones, tablets or even laptops
  • Internal LED light and x2 external LED lights at entry point for ladder (right side of the tent)
  • Remote control opening and closing with manual toggle and manual override (includes crank)
  • External Anderson plug for emergency power
  • Smart tablet arm
  • Bluetooth technology surround-sound speakers
  • Dual layer, high density foam mattress with a 15mm layer of enviro-shell foam
  • Telescopic access ladder
  • Clamping system to all roof racks with x4 catches
  • Mosquito mesh (sides) and midge mesh (front & back)
  • Removable skin of the external tent
  • Solar fan kit
  • External awning (optional)
  • Roof racks (optional)

Vital Statistics:

Internal Length – 212cm                             External Length – 215cm
Internal Width – 140cm                             External Width – 146cm
Internal Height Open – 108cm                              External Height Closed – 38cm


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