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Looking for a good touring tent...?

Look no further..

We carry a wide range of tents to suit every need, all manufactured by Oztent.

40l open

Range of Fridge/Freezers


The first Australian designed and manufactured hard shell fibreglass roof tent to hit the market, Backtrax Sport Utility Rooftents feature Australian-designed & Australian-made cutting edge technology and come furnished with ample creature comforts!

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Manufacturer: Kimberley
Price: $ 126,462.00

More than off-road.... Independence and Comfort to go anywhere!

As displayed at Victorian Camper Trailers 21/02/2107, call 03 59457200 for more details

Manufacturer: Kimberley
Price: $ 109,750.00

Pre-Loved 2015 Kimberley Kruiser S2- PRICE REDUCTION....!

The Kimberley Kruiser brings the most disruptive innovation to the caravan industry in decades. What’s more, the design and technology is 100% Australian. The product turns caravanning on its head with the tapered walls to a double skinned tropical roof and smooth fibreglass sides. With absolutely no timber inside, except for the draw and cupboard front finishes, Kimberley’s caravan designs are made with long life lightweight materials.

Manufacturer: Kimberley
Price: $ 107,480.80

The light weight Off Road Kruiser by Kimberley; - 6m length, sleeps: 6, take anywhere offroad, Less then 2 tonne tare weight

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Manufacturer: Kimberley
Price: $ 48,268.00

2017 Kimberley Kamper Classic Family Edition Offroad Camper Trailer. As displayed at Victorian Camper Trailers 21/2/2017, Call for more information 03 59457200


Manufacturer: Kimberley
Price: $ 73,370.00

2017 Kimberley Kamper Platinum as displayed at Victorian Camper Trailers 21/02/2017, please call for more information 03 59457200


Manufacturer: Kimberley
Price: $ 120,474.00

Unit listed is as displayed at VCT as of 21/2/2017. Please call for more information 03 59457200