The Kimberley Kruiser off-road caravan comes in two classes : Tandem (T) or Single Axle (S)

The original Kruiser Model named "Black Caviar" is a tandem axle off-road caravan and the subsequent T3 had all the luxury features to make it the best off-road caravan in Australia.

There are many customers who don't want to tow a 21ft tandem axle unit and so Kimberley have released the 18ft single axle version.

However, in order to do the single axle version, because the door location moves to the front, Kimberley had to redesign the front nose cone for both models gaining more interior room at the foot of the bed. This redesigned nose cone is called our "Series 2" shape. It is the second series in the mould design, and we think the last.

The S Class range will come in 3 models: S1, S2 and S3. The S3 is close to the Tandem version called the T3.